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Framing for a New Garage Door

Getting a new garage door is exciting and can add much needed value to your building, but there may be some work that needs to be done before hand.  Framing is a key part of a garage door install or renovation project because it ensures durability and aesthetic appeal for the garage. Using the right techniques and materials can help contribute to the overall function and longevity of a garage door. We can do all this for you, framing, garage door installation, maintenance and more. Letting the pros take over can help alleviate stress from your big project, and we’d be happy to do so!

    Example of Garage Door Framing

Understanding Garage Door Framing

Garage Door Framing Diagram

Garage door framing is the construction of a structure that supports the garage door. This structure surrounds the door and is flush with the rough opening. A proper frame has jambs, a header and other supporting lengths of wood that ensure the garage door runs smoothly when attached. We like to use 2×6’s to build our frames due to its excellent resistance and versatility.

Why Framing is Important Before Installation

Framing is crucial before the installation of a new garage door. This prepares a space for the garage door to fit into, all while creating a sturdy base for the hardware to be attached to. The framing needs to be done correctly because garage doors are heavy and can be a danger if not installed properly. The installation of the opener, tracks and torsion spring all depend on the frame’s accuracy.

The Importance of Accurate Measuring

A garage door install can be a complex job that requires many skills and accuracy. The tracks need to be flush and inline with the door, which means the framing that holds the tracks has to be flush and inline with the door. The framed opening must be the EXACT size of the garage door to ensure that the door can fit without getting stuck.  If a door is too large for an opening it may rub on the frame, if too small, drafts will be a problem.   A door that has been installed correctly should be sealed all around leaving no gaps for drafts and critters to get in. There are many tedious details that go into framing for a new garage door which is why we like to take this burden off of our clients and do it ourselves.

What can Go Wrong with the Garage Door Framing?

The majority of garage door frames are made from wood. This ensures the door is secured correctly to the wall and won’t fall off when in use. Common issues may be lack of space for the actual frame with a high concrete curb, resulting in very little to no free flow movement for the garage door and no way to spread the tracks apart.  Tracks are fastened in four areas and the bottom is very important to stop vibration while closing.  If it is not secured, the vibration can cause issues with opener safety sensors.

Take no risks by leaving the framing to us, the professionals!

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