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Your Canadian Choice for Premium Steel Garages – Superior Quality and Design by Steel Built Corp.


100% Canadian Made

Steel Building Garages in Canada

We take a unique approach to steel sheds and garages by customizing our services to suit your needs. Our designers and trades can assist with any aspect of the process you desire, whether you order one of our garage steel building kits or want us to completely design and build your steel garages.

SteelBuilt’s one-stop shop provides steel building garages with a team of professionals ready to offer building design, and interior finishing services. Our goal is to save you time and money with the steel garages Canada trusts to house their vehicles. You choose the services you need, and we deliver, making it easy to manage your garage or shed projects on your terms. Every steel garage or shed project starts with a free no-obligation consultation and construction quote. From there, we can advise you on the best way to approach your project and what services you’ll need to remain compliant.

Let the SteelBuilt Corp. team provide the advice you need to create a customized solution for your commercial or residential garage.

Advantages of Steel

Garages Over Traditional Garages

You can trust our team to provide safe, reliable, and secure steel garages and sheds. SteelBuilt Corp. steel garages offer many advantages over traditional garages, including:


Custom designs to suit your specific needs


Easy assembly of prefabricated steel garages with pre-drilled pieces and a detailed step-by-step instruction manual


High durability and longevity against the harsh Canadian weather

Attractive construction

Aesthetic appeal that aligns with the other structures on your property

storage space

Clear-span design and high ceilings provide open storage space for vehicles of all sizes


More affordable materials and construction costs compared to traditional building costs


Maximum security with solid metal construction that protects your vehicles from theft, vandalism, and the elements


Improved safety against possible failure due to heavy snow, high winds, fire, and other risks of damage

You choose the features you need to improve strength, aesthetics, security, and durability based on your budget, location, and local regulations.

100% Canadian Made.

Types Of Steel Garages

SteelBuilt Corp. helps our customers complete their garage building projects to serve a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Commercial steel garages: Whether you are storing a fleet of commercial trucks, rental vehicles, or equipment and machinery, our commercial steel garages are customized to suit the type of space you need.
  • Residential steel garages: Our residential steel garages are designed to align with local building restrictions while providing an attractive, safe, and secure storage for your personal vehicles.
  • Garage with office/living space: Today, space is at a premium, meaning your garage often has to play double or even triple duty. We design steel garages that can be insulated for all-season use, whether it is a workshop, office, or living space.
  • RV/motor home garage: If you own a recreational vehicle or motor home, you know they take up a lot of space. Storage is expensive, making a customized RV/motor home garage an excellent option if your property is large enough.
  • Sport vehicle storage: Whether you own ATVs, water sports vehicles such as a fishing boat, pontoon boat, or seadoos/skidoos, you need a secure storage space to protect your vehicles against the elements and theft. We can customize your garage to suit your needs.

Speak to our team about our custom steel garages and sheds for your residential and commercial properties.

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

Why Choose Us

When you work with SteelBuilt Corp

You are working with a Canadian team offering over 20 years of experience. We leverage our strong industry connections to provide buildings sourced from Canadian manufacturers. After speaking with a designer/estimator, we provide a set of preliminary drawings at no charge, unlike our competitors, who charge thousands.

Your estimator will provide direction on how to get your project approved for a permit. We are the reliable one-stop shop for your steel building garages allowing you to pick the services you need and build your project on your terms.

You choose from our prefabricated kits, customized designs, materials, and services for completely personalized service to suit your needs. Our buildings are sourced from Canadian manufacturers, delivering every project from a local business. Whether we simply supply the materials, step in when you need our expertise, or cover every step of the project from start to finish, our goal is to make building easier.

Steel Garage Kits

Our pre-engineered steel garage kits provide a safe option that ensures everything is built to meet building code requirements. Your garage is designed to save time and money in construction and assembly with your choice of features. The entire kit ensures every part is drilled and marked to make following the instruction manual easy. You can save assembly costs with DIY kits or have our team of experts build it for you.
What our clients mostly worried about


The right garage size depends on the types of vehicles you will store in the space. A single garage is typically 20×24, while two-car garages are 24×32. For more specific needs, you must measure the length and width of your vehicles with the doors open as well as any other vehicles you plan to store in the garage, such as a trailer and boat, RV, ATVs, etc. Be sure to consider how many vehicles must be stored in the garage at one time. We recommend leaving at least 3 feet between each vehicle and around the perimeter where the vehicles are parked.
Yes, prefab metal garages provide additional storage and functional space that can increase a home’s value by about 13%.
Steel is much more durable and secure than wood and is fire, infestation, water, and rot resistant. Because of this, many people feel steel garages are actually better than wood.
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