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Canada's Leading Agriculture Steel Building Experts – Custom Solutions for Canadian Farms and Agriculture Businesses.


100% Canadian Made

Steel Farm Building Kits

Our pre-engineered farm buildings are designed to save time and money in construction and assembly. You can choose to construct your agricultural steel buildings or let our team manage the work. Holes are pre-drilled, and every part is numbered and labelled, making it easy to tackle your own projects.

As a result, you save money on building costs. We also offer a comprehensive manual with step-by-step instructions guiding you through the assembly process. In addition, our customer service team is always available to answer your questions.

Our buildings are sourced from Canadian manufacturers, delivering every project from a local business. We are the reliable one-stop shop for your farm building projects allowing you to pick the services you need and build your project on your terms.

providing the expertise you need throughout any or all steps of your project.

What we offer

Advantages of Agricultural Steel Buildings over Traditional Farm Buildings

Our customers choose steel buildings over traditional farm buildings as they offer many advantages, including:


Quick assembly and construction with prefabricated kits


Clear spans and open spaces to maximize space


Highly durable for generations of use


Customizable with your choice of design features


Your choice of insulation or cold storage
100% Canadian Made.

Types of Agricultural Steel Buildings

We provide the steel structures you need to run a secure, efficient farm, including:

  • Livestock shelters/dairy buildings: Steel farm buildings offer affordable, effective shelter for livestock to protect against predators and keep animals safe and healthy. They also make comfortable, functional spaces for dairy production.
  • Supply storage: Protect supplies against the weather, vandalism, and damage caused by moisture and pests with a steel supply storage building.
  • Garages for equipment and machinery: Farms require expensive machinery and equipment vulnerable to the elements and at risk of vandalism and theft. A steel garage is the ideal secure storage facility to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Crop storage/barn: Your crops and other materials must be protected before being used to feed your livestock or delivered to market. Steel barns provide a secure storage option that protects against pests and wildlife as well as moisture that can spoil your harvest.
  • Recreation area: Whether you need an indoor space for horses or plan to create a venue to generate additional income, steel recreational facilities are large, low maintenance, and secure.
  • Residence: “Barndos” are the latest housing craze providing customized, comfortable living spaces for farmhouses and homes.

Regardless of the type of farm buildings you require, our steel building experts can help design a customized, affordable, durable, and secure solution.

Why Choose Us

Reliable agricultural steel building

At SteelBuilt Corp., we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients trust our team to provide the knowledge, experience, and network connections they need for all aspects of their agricultural steel building projects.
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Structural and Civil Engineering
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We are the reliable one-stop shop for your farm building projects

Installation Services
Permit Applications
Building Site Grading & Preparation
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Very Low Maintenance

After speaking with a designer/estimator, we provide a set of preliminary drawings at no charge, unlike our competitors, who charge thousands. Your estimator will provide direction on how to get your project approved for a permit. Our buildings are sourced from Canadian manufacturers, delivering every project from a local business.

Our steel building experts are here to help you! Talk to a dedicated person today by calling (905) 642-1012.

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