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Steel Building Accessories

At SteelBuilt Corp. we customize your steel building projects with steel accessories specifically designed to meet your needs. Whether you are completing an entire building project through our network of services or simply require steel accessories for an existing structure our goal is to provide the highest quality steel accessories at competitive prices. We help complete your projects efficiently with energy-efficient windows, doors, and insulation to match your projects exact specifications.

If you don’t see the accessories you need on this page, please speak to our team to discuss customized solutions available through our steel experts.


100% Canadian Made

Steel Windows and Doors

Our expert Canadian steel and window door manufacturers build energy-efficient windows and door systems for your customized SteelBuilt Corp. buildings or existing structures. They are designed for easy installation, smooth operation, durability, and aesthetics. They offer sturdy construction, security, egress, and energy efficiency with low-maintenance steel and materials for years of use. Various window styles and types are available, or you can customize your windows and doors based on a specific design or function requirement. We offer prehung commercial and residential steel doors for our pre-engineered metal buildings designed and ready to mount to our steel beam structures. You can also request a customized door system complete with pre-installed hardware for existing masonry or stud walls. We provide your choice of single, double, and fire-rated doors in flat panel or embossed designs.

All steel windows and doors can be customized with high-quality, durable paints in the colour of your choice for low maintenance and high performance.

Our steel buildings provide a cost-effective solution to create low-maintenance, customized hangar space that is safe and secure.

100% Canadian Made.


At SteelBuilt Corp., we offer three types of metal building insulation:

  • Insulated metal panels
  • Metal building-type fibreglass insulation
  • Spray foam insulation.

Our team will help determine the best insulation for your project. We will explain the cost, R-Value, and benefits of each option to help ensure you choose the right insulation for your needs. You can either have the insulation delivered to your site, or we can provide installation services through our coast to coast network of trades. Whether you are ordering one of our prefabricated steel building kits, building a customized steel structure, or transforming a steel building for all-season use, our insulation experts provide the insulation and installation services you need.

100% Canadian Made

Steel Building Installation

Hiring experienced installers is key to the success of any steel building project. SteelBuilt Corp. has a wide network of skilled installers from coast to coast who can complete any or all aspects of your steel building project. Whether your steel building project is intended as a do-it-yourself kit or is being designed completely from scratch, we offer cost-effective installation solutions for steel accessories incorporated into your steel structure design.

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

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