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Secure Your Aircraft with Canada's Top Steel Hangars – Durable, Customized Solutions for Aviation Needs


100% Canadian Made

The Importance of Hangar Door

SteelBuilt Corp. starts first with the specifications of your door, and designs the hangar around it. Diamond Doors is our partner (or we can work the customer’s choice of door supplier/manufacturer).

SteelBuilt Corp. designers have designed and delivered hangers across Canada and have specific knowledge about how a hangar’s doors and load forces affect the design of a hangar. We always get the specifications from your hangar door company so that you always get an accurate quote. If you do not have your own door supplier, we will get the door specifications for you.

Our steel buildings provide a cost-effective solution to create low-maintenance, customized hangar space that is safe and secure.


Steel Aircraft Hangars

Our customers choose steel industrial buildings over traditional construction as they offer many advantages, including:

Canadian Building

Everything is based on Canadian Building Codes


Clear-span structures allow column-free construction to optimize space without sacrificing support


Steel structures are preferred to wooden hangars to protect expensive aircraft


Prefabrication is eco-friendly, reducing material waste and using 100% recyclable steel


Your choice of insulation regulates temperature to reduce energy costs


Low maintenance materials contribute to operational cost reduction


Steel buildings are highly durable for years of maintenance-free use


Faster, more affordable assembly than traditional construction

Types of Steel Aircraft Hangars

SteelBuilt Corp. offers steel aircraft hangars designed for multiple uses, including storage for:

Private Planes
Commercial Aircraft
Military Aircraft
Plane Maintenance Tools and Equipment

Our hangars can also be designed as an aircraft repair workshop. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and recommend the services required to complete your plane hangar project.

Why Choose SteelBuilt Corp

SteelBuilt Corp. Corp. was built on the desire to meet the changing needs of our customers. As a result, we created a unique approach to building that ensures you receive the services you require for your project. Through a coast-to-coast network of steel building experts, we provide the knowledge you need to design and assemble a functional, secure, cost-effective plane hangar.

Our buildings are sourced from Canadian manufacturers so every project is delivered from a local business. After speaking with a designer/estimator, we provide a set of preliminary drawings at no charge, unlike our competitors, who charge thousands. Your estimator will provide direction on how to get your project approved for a permit.

100% Canadian Made.

Steel Aircraft Hangar Building Kits

Our team of engineers and designers/estimators design plane hangar kits based on your specifications. Prefabricated building kits help reduce costs and the time it takes to construct your hangar. Reduced waste of materials using precision cuts for each part of the structure adds to your savings. In addition, the kit expedites the delivery and building process. Our team can also assemble the equipment to ensure everything is built to code based on our approved plans.

  • Site plan approval
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Architectural services
  • Foundation
  • Insulation
  • Installation services
  • Permit applications
  • Building site grading & preparation
  • Concrete services
  • Financing services

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

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