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Steel Building Types

At Steel Built Corp. we have helped our customers complete building projects across several building categories through our Canadian-sourced manufacturers. If you don’t see your type of metal building on the list, reach out to our team to discuss your needs.


Our steel buildings provide a cost-effective solution to create low-maintenance, customized hangar space that is safe and secure.


Workshops provide the space to practice your trade or produce a unique product line for your customers. We provide customized steel buildings as the perfect space for your business whether it is for repairs and service, customized projects, or manufacturing.

Riding Arenas

Riding arenas require a specific space with high ceilings and access for horses, riders and spectators. The clear-span design and high ceilings of Steel Built steel structures offer the perfect solution for your arena construction project. Our construction specialists can create equestrian-friendly spaces based on your needs including riding rings, horse stalls, equipment storage or more.


Recreational spaces call for wide expanses of clear span to accommodate multiple activities. Steel Built metal structures use the strength of steel beams to create expansive spaces with large fields, individual areas for activities such as batting cages or interactive golf experiences as well as soccer fields, gymnasiums, event centres, skating rinks and more.

Mini Storage

The storage industry is experiencing accelerated growth offering opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative business endeavour. Steel Built minimizes costs and speeds up the construction process for yourselves and Mini Storage Building Projects. Whether you are building from scratch or expanding your existing space to meet demand, we are here to help.

Metal Garages

Whether you need a personal garage for your home or massive metal garage buildings for your vehicle and equipment storage space, we can meet your project size requirements. Steel Built has extensive experience with truck and trailer garages, repair shops and terminal buildings, from permit approvals to final assembly.


We can assist with your commercial building needs from retail stores to office buildings and from warehouses to business expansions. Steel Built is happy to answer your questions and offer a construction alternative to expensive, traditional building methods.


We specialize in stunning “barndos” creating exceptional living spaces with our team of design, engineering and manufacturing experts. Jump on the barndominium craze with a customized home that is unique, affordable and beautifully designed to suit your needs. We can recreate a home based on any image.

Aircraft Hangars

Steel aircraft hangars are the ideal solution to keep aircraft safe and secure whether it is your own aircraft, or you require a large commercial jet hanger. We provide worry-free construction with projects that are built on time and on budget.


Agricultural buildings provide a secure space that serves your farm’s needs for generations. Whether you need crop storage, a barn, equipment storage, or shelter for livestock, we’ll streamline the process with cost-effective building processes that provide a durable, functional space to meet your needs

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

After speaking with a designer/estimator, we provide a set of preliminary drawings at no charge, unlike our competitors, who charge thousands. Your estimator will provide direction on how to get your project approved for a permit.

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