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Discover the Elegance of Steel Barndominiums in Canada – Modern, Durable, and Customizable Living Solutions.


100% Canadian Made

home-building process

This type of steel home offers open concept square footage, often combining living and workspace as the ultimate solution in today’s work-from-home age. We custom design your barndos inside and out to create a welcoming home streaming with natural light, stunning views, and plenty of open space to create a calming retreat for your family. Whether you are looking for a simple, affordable tiny home or an expansive luxurious barndo sparing no expense, our coast-to-coast network of designers and trades can bring your vision to life.

SteelBuilt Corp. offers barndomonium kits as a prefabricated home option that reduces material waste while expediting the home-building process. Our designers and engineers customize your home built on your directions, providing a free preliminary drawing to show you just how livable and beautiful your barndo can become. A steel building barndominium calls for expertise to develop a living space that is warm and inviting. Every detail must be planned, from curb appeal to electrical and interior finishes to plumbing.

We make the customized home-building process easy with cost-effective barndominium kits made in Canada.


Steel Barndominiums

If it is time to build your customized dream home, exploring the possibilities of the barndo is well worth your time. Barndos offer several benefits, including:


Customized floor plans and designs to check off your wants and needs
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Cheaper to build on a per square foot basis
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Cost savings

Cost savings for labour and materials allow you to focus more of your budget on the finishes you truly want
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Clear span capabilities are ideal for large open concept designs free of walls and columns
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Free preliminary

Free preliminary designs show you the layout and details of your barndo, unlike builders and architects who charge thousands or even tens of thousands for drawings.
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Permit assistance

Permit assistance available to reduce stress and red tape frustrations
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Reduced greenhouse gas

emissions thanks to minimized transportation and delivery of building materials
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interior designers

Access to a network of proven Canadian trades and interior designers to manage every aspect of your project under one roof
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Canadian built eco-friendly steel is 100% recyclable
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Prefabricated home kits reduce material waste using technology for precision cuts and drilling
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stand-out home

One-of-a-kind designs for a stand-out home
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Customize Your Steel Barndominium

Barndominiums offer an affordable structure ideal for home and business owners looking for multi-functional spaces. The number one reason people choose the barndominium is to create a home with a utility space to ply their trade. Steel frame barndominium kits provide the outer framing and structure ready to assemble on your concrete foundation. Floor plans offer a comprehensive look at space allotment and layout, ensuring each function of your living and workspace is well thought out.

Our expert design, engineering, and manufacturing teams ensure you get a steel barndominium customized for your needs, built to last a lifetime. We can work from any images you provide to help us develop plans and drawings that bring your dream home to life.

Customization is made more accessible

Garden Homes
Laneway Homes
Nanny Suites
Inlaw suites
Guest Suites
Office Suites
Art Studios
Music Studios

Why Choose SteelBuilt Corp

SteelBuilt Corp. offers a local one-stop shop for all your barndominium needs right here in Canada. Your barndominium plans begin with an onsite visit and set of free preliminary drawings provided by our experienced designers/estimators. Where our competitors charge thousands for this essential step in the design of steel barndominium kits, we consider your needs, the site for your home, and budget to create your drawings and floorplans for free at no cost to you.

We show you how a steel building barndominium offers the ultimate solution for your home and workspace. With over 20 years of collective experience, our team ensures your project is completed to your specifications. Along with your drawings, we provide direction to get your project approved for a permit. From there, our Canadian manufactured barndo kit is prepared, and our interior designers, trades, concrete, and construction services do the rest.

Our Canadian engineering expertise has built our reputation as a reputable brand in the pre-engineered steel building industry. Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

There are also many advantages of building a custom barndo over purchasing a resell home, including:

  • Complete control over the entire process from start to finish
  • Can be more affordable than a resell home of the same size with the same features
  • Ability to hop on the tiny home trend if it suits your lifestyle
  • New home warranty
  • No risk of older home issues like faulty electrical, worn plumbing, poor energy efficiency, mould growth, etc.
  • Living maintenance-free for many years to come as everything is brand new
100% Canadian Made.

Steel Barndominium KITS

Coast-to-coast network of experienced steel building and barndominium experts, including interior designers and trades that can provide electrical, mechanical, and interior finishing services. The beauty of a customized steel barndo is that the savings from investing in cost-effective barndominium kits can go towards the higher-end finishes and details that make your house a home. Some of the many customized barndominium steel buildings we can design include:

  • Garden homes
  • Laneway homes
  • Nanny suites
  • Inlaw suites
  • Guest suites
  • Office suites
  • Art studios
  • Music studios

Barndos offer endless possibilities whether you plan to build a large home complete with a garage and workspace or a tiny site as an addition to your current home or property.

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

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