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Frequently Asked Questions


In Canada, both the National Building Code and local authorities have loads posted. However, you will still have to get a load verification form approved by the Town and/or Municipality which is provided by Steel Built Corp. before an Engineer will stamp your drawings.

The type of foundation required for your building is a combination of customer preference and engineering requirements. For an engineer to properly determine what type of foundation is required, they will need the loads from the building as well as the soil conditions of your building’s location (geotechnical). Types of foundations:

  1. Floating Slab Foundation
  2. Frost Wall Foundation
  3. Helical Piles
  4. Standard Piles
  5. Piers & Footings

Steel Built Corp. can guide you to choose the proper foundation for your building and has in-house engineering to provide the information and stamp your drawing. A Steel Built Corp. consultant can provide sample drawings of your building type and can provide a quote for the type of foundation that you require. Remember it is important that an Engineer sign-off on the type of foundation you are using.

Insulation requirements are provincially mandated and are part of the building code according to building use. Steel Built Corp. offers three main types of insulation:

  1. Metal Building Insulation – Steel Built Corp. has this custom-made for each building. This is uncompressed cavity-fill insulation that goes in the walls and roof; the R-values you require determine the price
  2. Sandwich Panel (Architectural) Insulation – often used on commercial projects. This has many different looks; steel on the outside and inside with compressed foam in between, offering a beautiful look and a perfectly insulated wall – while more expensive than other options, installation is faster with one pass instead of three
  3. Spray Foam – an excellent choice for welding shops, breweries/distilleries, and the like

Steel Built Corp. can provide cost estimates for all three types of insulation, in any location within Canada.

A Steel Built Corp. Building is designed as a pre-engineered building, holes are drilled, and every part is numbered and labelled. We also offer a comprehensive manual to erect and customer service numbers to call with any questions. While many customers choose to put the building up themselves, an Engineer must inspect the building once erected, to ensure it was installed as per our design.

Most orders are 8 weeks from confirmation to delivery of the steel. However, once manufacturing begins, customers may ask for adjustment if they are not quite ready for their building. Weather and the availability of your Contractor play a large role in this schedule.

Some customers ask for their building faster. We usually find that we are ready with the building before a customer is ready with the foundation.

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